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Your Challenge: If everything else in your data center is changing, protection systems must change as well, or become less effective. This is especially risky if protection has been ignored while the contents of your critical space grow in size and criticality.

The Vertiv solution: Nine assessment services that can identify how well your protection systems work today, tell you what you need to do in order to bring them back up to your standards, and provide a blueprint for future growth.

  • Arc Flash will asses your system’s compliance with new safety standards Facility Design Audit to assess your data center’s electrical infrastructure
  • Infrared Inspections to find hidden hot spots that may be missed by traditional on-site maintenance and monitoring
  • One-Line Diagram review and update
  • Power Quality Assessment to identify flaws in your grounding and harmonics protection
  • Short Circuit and Coordination Studies to ensure your fuses and breakers are properly sized and coordinated
  • Facility Power Audit accesses the capacity of electrical systems and the quality of power provided to your data center, identifying electrical risks that could create downtime
  • Cooling Assessment analyzes the successful removal of heat from sensitive heat-generating computer equipment, identifying hot spots and risks to the data center
  • Data Center Assessment to identify and resolve vulnerabilities in your data center components
  • Breaker Injection Testing to ensure proper trip settings and performance.

Each assessment is conducted by veteran engineers and technicians from Vertiv, and each comes with a report that details findings, identifies necessary changes and lays the groundwork for future changes and growth. The Result You have Business-Critical Continuity™, the assurance that your network infrastructure will not go down and disrupt your business. You can face the future with confidence that your support systems can handle whatever the future may bring to your mission critical applications.

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