Vertiv XTE Stackable Series

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  • Stackable design enables vertical expansion as battery backup requirements change.
  • Both single and dual-stack modules support VRLA front-post batteries, up to 190 Ahr size, in -48V strings.
  • Pre-configured battery cables, bus bars, and battery disconnect breaker included for each battery string.
  • Welded aluminum shell and panels with durable TGIC polyester powder paint finish for longer life.
  • Heavy-duty internal reinforcement channels and bracing provide strength for Zone 4 resistance.
  • Battery heater maintains increased battery capacities in cold temperatures.
  • Optional solarshield kit assists in temperature management and seals top of enclosure stack.


  • Extend the life of your batteries with efficient cooling options
  • Keep your batteries safe, secure and protected from adverse environmental conditions
  • High network availability through reliable DC power battery up

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