Aperture Configuration Manager

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Aperture Configuration Manager | FeatureInfographics

Single source for reporting and analytics on the data center infrastructure offering visual management of the equipment, space, power, cooling and port connectivity. It automates management processes as they relate to the data center and integrates the required data into the organization’s overall configuration management database.


  • Improve capacity planning and management with real-time data for all key metrics, such as floor space, rack space, power distribution, rack power and cooling.
  • Support green initiatives and avoid over-provisioning with clear visibility into power and cooling usage.
  • Increase compliance and simplify audit processes with accurate inventories of equipment and resource use.
  • Perform root-cause and impact analysis for planned or unplanned outages. Reconcile the physical host locations of virtual processes, enabling improved root cause analysis (RCA) and lowering mean time to repair (MTTR).


  • A proven solution in enterprise data centers with thousands of users tracking millions of square feet.
  • The system of record for configuration data, providing the basis for Data Center Infrastructure Management.
  • Enterprise-class architecture with data-driven graphics and comprehensive reporting and analytics.
  • Flexible configuration tools that adapt to the reporting and tracking needs of multiple data centers.
  • Web-based interface for global user access that increases staff efficiency.

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