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3 Integrated Design Strategies to Consider for Your Critical Infrastructure

Designing and building an environment that can adapt and grow with your business is paramount in a fast pace and computer driven world. But selecting and assimilating the right solutions for your critical infrastructure can be difficult to navigate. Choosing an integration strategy is a process that evolves over time and may include many different approaches to meet the needs of your organization.

But having the right equipment, a fully integrated and highly intelligent ecosystem for your data center infrastructure can help overcome these challenges while designing for the future. The outcome includes optimize system performance, increase equipment relationship visibility, and maximize project planning. There are systems specifically designed for every type of deployment. Let’s take a look at the top 3 critical infrastructure designs.

Edge Computing Designs

Edge computing is a form of cloud computing, but unlike traditional cloud computing where it centralizes compute and storage in a single data center, edge computing drives the data processing power out to the edge devices to handle.

Whether it is network closets spread across an office building or cell tower sites connecting a national communications company, edge computing technologies are designed to fit each node and connect to a wider de-centralized network.

These devices utilize a standardized rack system to simplify deployment, integrate essential infrastructure, maximize uptime, and protect assets. In addition to backing up equipment with double conversion UPS systems, monitoring gateway devices are a critical component to edge computing.

Monitoring gateways can aggregate information into a highly visible and intuitive interface for critical infrastructure that might otherwise go untouched.

Intelligent Aisle Designs

Similar to how the data center industry saw physical servers become virtualized with advancements in connectivity technology, the traditional data center row is evolving at a rapid pace. And it’s becoming increasingly intelligent.

To ensure sufficient device cooling, predictable airflow management is essential, and this means all potential airflow openings must be controlled and managed. Many data centers utilize intelligent in row cooling systems that can detect increased heat loads and deliver cooling through the advanced iCOM control system.

The built-in intelligence easily enables the digital scroll compressors and EC plug fans to efficiently provide supply air either via expansion channels or other containment technologies. Advancements in rack PDU metering allow you track and report power consumption which can be used when evaluating if changes are needed.

When power becomes a limiting factor a scalable UPS with integrated battery monitoring is vital for delivering clean and efficient power. Alber Battery Monitoring provides failure predictions to help you better plan for replacements.

Your ability to visualize, control, and plan with intelligent aisle design brings new life to the traditional data center row deployments.

Modular Designs

As a standardized solution, modular designs can be ordered, customized and delivered quickly to the data center. When building a data center time is a major cost that can be mitigated through the deployment of modular and prefabricated enclosures. Site preparations can be done while equipment is being assembled within enclosures.

These skidded modular designs can be leveraged for rapid future growth with standardized components and intelligence. Build the critical infrastructure space you need now with the convenience to grow easily via a modular platform like Vertiv’s SmartMod. It can reduce power consumption by up to 28% compared to conventional data center design and can without burdening your existing power and cooling infrastructure.

For more design integration strategies, consider going “Smart” with your data center.

Need Help Executing Your Data Center Design?

As your Local Vertiv Office, we’re here to help you overcome your availability and scalability challenges. We have the industry leading expertise and intelligent solutions to help you make informed decisions about your data center design strategy. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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