Battery Preventive Maintenance for Data Centers

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Battery Preventive Maintenance for Data Centers | FeatureInfographics

Arguably the weakest links in the power chain, batteries are a leading root cause of data center downtime. A single bad cell in a string can put your entire backup power system at risk. Increase your battery availability by implementing a battery maintenance program that identifies system anomalies and trends end-of-life to help you make informed decisions.


  • Complete visual inspection uncovers signs of battery defect or degradation
  • Battery measurement is used to analyze asset health and performance as indicted by critical battery parameters
  • Corrective maintenance and single-jar replacement may occur as part of preventive maintenance when defined conditions are met
  • Comprehensive report details measurement and test results, and includes recommendations for corrective action


  • Greater availability and reliability of your UPS system is ensured through detection and correction of potential failures
  • Less unplanned downtime occurs due to better insight regarding battery health
  • Improved battery performance is achieved with ongoing system adjustments
  • Longer battery service life occurs through continuous system optimization

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