High Density Modular Point Of Use Cooling

High Heat Density Cooling Solutions

High heat density cooling solutions from Vertiv/Liebert offer you modular options to optimize your data center infrastructure. These solutions are available in a broad range of configurations, including open or closed architecture. They’re also available with pumped refrigerant or water-based technology. Browse our selection of high heat density cooling modules below. Need help to select the right equipment? Try our Thermal Management Selection Tool to get a customized recommendation.

Liebert DCD Water-Cooled Rack Door, 50kW

The Liebert DCD is a fanless heat exchanger module that installs as the rear door of an equipment rack. This chilled water-based system provides up to 50kW of room-neutral cooling. As many as ten Liebert DCD modules are connected to a single Liebert DCP coolant pumping unit, which acts as an isolating heat exchanger between the building chilled water source and the circulating cooling water.

Liebert DCP Water-Based Pumping Unit, 200kW

The Liebert DCP houses the isolating heat exchanger between the Liebert DCD and building chilled water. It circulates the chilled water to the cooling modules at a temperature always above the actual dew point to prevent condensation.

Liebert XD CoolFrame Rack Cooler

Cooling module designed to install on the back of the Egenera Bladeframe EX system, providing cooling without increasing the rack footprint.

Liebert XDA, Air Flow Enhancer, 1000CFM

The Liebert XDA rack fan unit optimizes data center cooling by increasing air flow through densely populated enclosures, past congested cabling; removing hot spots within the enclosure that can threaten the uptime of your critical systems.

Liebert XDC, XD Chiller and Pumping Unit, 160kW

Coolant chiller unit available in an air cooled configuration with remote condenser. In conjunction with the Liebert XD Cooling Modules, the Liebert XDC system can cool more than 30kW per rack.

Liebert XDH™ In Row Cooling Module, 22-30kW

In-the-row cooling module placed directly in line with the rack enclosures, and requires very little floorspace. Air from the hot aisle is drawn in through the rear of the unit, cooled, and then discharged horizontally through the front of the unit into the cold aisle.

Liebert XDO, XD Overhead Cooling Module, 17.2-20kW

Overhead cooling module that mounts directly above the cold aisle, requiring no floorspace. It draws in hot air from the hot aisle, then discharges cool air into the cold aisle where the equipment air inlets are located.

Liebert XDP Pumping Unit, 130-160kW

Liebert XDP is a system-matched pumping unit, designed to support to Liebert XDO, Liebert XDV, Liebert XDH, and Liebert XD CoolFrame spot/zone cooling units. It is the isolating interface between the building chilled water system and the pumped refrigerant circuit. In conjunction with the Liebert XD Cooling Modules, the Liebert XDP system can cool more than 30kW per rack.

Liebert XDV, XD Racktop Cooling Module, 8.8-10kW

Rack cooling module that mounts vertically on or above the IT rack enclosure, requiring no floorspace. It draws hot air from inside the cabinet or from the hot aisle. It then cools the air and discharges it down to the cold aisle.

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